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Friday, January 16, 2004

Taking risks 

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In some ways blogging is very risky. It is about putting your ideas out in the open for all to examine and criticize. But some thoughts are riskier to express than others.

So far I have talked about politics, policy, and done a wee-bit of muck-raking. But I have never ventured to mention my opinions on the one topic that is most likely to bring a fire-storm--ACC Basketball.

Today I am going to admit to the world that I am a Demon Deacon to the bone.

I was considering making a prediction of a surprise upset at Cameron on Saturday, but I have thought better of it. This is one of the reasons.

The media caught up with Wake Forest head coach Skip Prosser two days before his Deacons play at No. 2-ranked Duke. Here is what the third-year Deac head coach had to say.

On traveling to Durham to face #2 Duke: "It's a challenge. They've won the last five ACC Tournaments and they're the first name people think of when they think of the ACC."

On the 2004 Blue Devils: "I think they are better this year. Duhon is playing better. Redick, Randolph and Ewing are all a year older now. And even though Dahntay Jones was a great player, I feel Luol Deng gives them more options offensively."

Not words to stoke the fires of my school pride. But I will hope on. Sports, like politics, is more fun when you throw your whole self into it.

Democratic Meetup 

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I'm going to take a second to ask that everyone send e-mails to all of their friends asking them to go to the Democratic Meetup next Wed. There are six RSVP's in Greensboro, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be one of them. So sign up, and ask your friends to sign up.

This election really could be about the people becoming the most powerful constituency of our Government. It hasn't been that way for a while, but NOW is the time to stand up and do something.

Sign up.

Spread the word.

If you have one, putting this on your blog would be helpful as well.

Staying on message 

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Greensboro News-Record:

Sometimes I feel like I get dragged away from what is really going to affect votes this year. This is what the elections will be about.

Sixty-five workers found themselves unemployed when a Carolina Mills plant closed in Newton. Another 235 lost their paychecks when Flynt Fabrics ceased operations in Graham. And 4,390 wound up unemployed in a single day when Pillowtex shut down five plants in the state, including one in Eden.

In all, 13,600 N.C. textile employees lost their jobs in 2003, making it the state's second-worst year for textile-job losses in the last half century.

According to a report released this week by the American Textile Manufacturers Institute in Washington, the jobs lost represent 14.2 percent of the state's textile work force.

Only 2001 was worse, when 22,000 textile workers got axed and 31 mills closed.

Nationally, the study said, 48,600 textile workers lost their jobs last year, a 10 percent decline.


Looking at yesterday's post I see that the copy-editor fairey still has not found this site.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

What about me? 

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The Winston-Salem Journal today had an article on local bloggers.

Several people got a bloggers got some good press. But I have three comments:

1) When you profile a blog, consider including the url for god's sake.
2) I thought there was a law in this state that Ed Cone had to be quoted in all articles on blogging.
3) I live in Winston-Salem....WHERE IS MY PROFILE!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The name says it all... 

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Yesterday I was directed to a great website called NC Rumors.

My dictionary says a rumor is defined as unverified information of uncertain origin. I think it is a good metaphore for most Repulican propoganda....probably not true, and defenitely unsubstantiated.

The skinny on this site is that it is owned by Tabor (who is a candidate in the 5th congressional district primaries) supporters. But it is apparently trying to branch out and is worth a look. The best thing I have seen so far is here.

Has anyone seen the tape of Vernon Robinson drawing a crucifix and making fun of praying for our elected officials?

Also, I heard he got a letter from the Chief of Police in Kernersville. Apparently Vernon was going around "lying" about the Chief endorsing him. We need ethics in politics.

I can promise you one thing -- Jesse Helms NEVER lied about an endorsement!

I person believe Vernon should step down from his current position . . . apologize to the public . . . and pray for forgiveness.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The thing about John Hood... 

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...is that sometimes he just makes so much sense. I disagree with most (all?) of his policy stances, but the man makes a career out of being an observer of NC politics. I wait with eagerness for the political faculty of the state to find the internet. But until that day some of his observations are pretty useful.

This evaluation of the Republican Primary for Governor is about as good as it gets online.

Don't believe knowing Republicans who think Easley is toast or knowing Democrats who think he's safe. The race is competitive, period, as is the Republican primary. Even a delay in the nomination, perhaps requiring a September runoff to settle the matter, won't leave Easley with a clear shot at re-election -- though it probably will move him a bit closer to the basket.

My weekend project 

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I completed my weekend project.

The Bowles Blog

My very own adventure into the wilderness of candidate advocacy.

I built it on TypePad which I like better than blogger. However, my skills are still limited and if you are interested I could use some help finishing it.

1) It has a multi-author setting in case you want to contribute.

2) I need a neeto banner.

3) I bought the url erskineblogs.com, and am working on DNS----stuff. (If you need evidence that you don't have to be very good at computers to start a blog...I'm your man). So if you know how that works and want to help, let me know

I have no desire to make this MY Bowles blog, and would love for intersted parties to help me run/design it. But I think it is needed, and will be useful for the grass-roots and the campaign as the year goes along.

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